25 Apr 2018

Why is Air Duct Cleaning Important?

Air Duct Cleaning for Optimal Air Quality

Air duct cleaning is when dust and debris are removed from air ducts by strong vacuums. This is due to air ducts being normally situated above the ceiling and walls in buildings. So, this means air ducts needs a thorough clean to prevent dust from redistributing around the atmosphere.

So, what other reasons are there to consider air duct cleaning?

Maintaining Good Air Quality

Air quality is important for your everyday work life. Air ducts reuse the air that you and other individuals breathe in daily. Having unclean air ducts means you are also at risk of breathing in the same pollen and allergens that enter through the supply registers – as well as harmful toxins which may build up in your workspace.

So, if you or another member of staff suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies, this can be troublesome on a daily basis. By clearing these air ducts, you can achieve better air quality to breathe in instead of unclean air.  

Obtaining a Clean Environment

You may find dust on your furniture (such as desks and chairs) and work spaces more frequently than usual. This means your air duct is due for a clean, as it redistributes the dust into the atmosphere. By having your air duct cleaned, the amount of cleaning and hoovering the floor needs on a daily basis lessens. So, you can obtain a clean and more hygienic environment.   

Eradicating Odours

Odours from cigarettes to cooking preparation can create stale air within the air ducts. This is due to the air duct reusing what is being given from the current atmosphere. Therefore, the stale scent may flow around when the ventilation is turned on, which can be unpleasant.

With air duct cleaning, it can remove the particles which traps odours, thus creating a fresher smelling environment.

Being More Energy Efficient

By improving the air flow around your environment, you may find your utility bills decreasing. Due to the build up of dust and debris within the ductwork, this can limit the air flow to and from the air conditioner and furnace. This can also strain the air duct system in cleaning the atmosphere, hence, lessening the efficiency levels. By clearing the air ducts, you can be more efficient in clearing the atmosphere to maintain the air quality, and see the positive changes in the overall health of your business.

Avoiding Costly Repairs

If you continue to fail to have your air ducts regularly cleaned, this can result in components such as blower wheels being contaminated, and coils needing replacing. Ergo, it can lead to costly repairs.

By investing in having your air ducts cleaned every three to five years, you can extend the life in your air ventilation system rather than going through costly repairs and replacement.


So, by having a good ventilation system – you and other individuals can gain many health benefits in return. In addition, you can see financial improvement in your bills too, which shows how air duct cleaning is essential for your daily living.  

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