21 Jan 2019

Top Tips For Stainless Steel Care and Maintenance

Stainless steel care and maintenance are essential in order to keep products and surfaces appear attractive. On occasions, stainless steel surfaces and items are likely to discolour and stain, which is why in order to prevent moulding and corrosion, care and maintenance is required. Long life performance and appearance of such products can be achieved through routine cleaning, the correct attributes of the stainless steel products have been selected for its function and installation of the product has been correct.


Why Is Stainless Steel Care and Maintenance Required?


The purpose of regular maintenance and care of stainless steel products is to ensure that the product has a longer life. Even the smallest of contaminants particles are sure to have an effect on the product life and can easily be contracted from even nearby construction that’s occurring in the area.


Working environments, in particular, can be extremely harsh on stainless steel where environments are extremely warm and humid. Due to this atmosphere, stainless steel care and maintenance are required more regularly. Cleaning processes regularly include sterilisers and bleaches as solutions, however, if used incorrectly it can contribute towards the corrosion of stainless steel surfaces and products. Processes that use high acid substances should never come in contact with metal.




Maintenance of the products or items can be done during the installation phases, cleaning at the beginning of the process. If for whatever reason the installation process has been lengthened, then it may require further attention.


On-Going Maintenance


This is fairly simple. Whenever the metal becomes dirty, clean it in order to maintain its original appearance and prolong the life expectancy. The environment in which the product is placed will alter how often cleaning is required. External environments may range from 1 to 4 times a year compared to situations such as a hygienic environment.


Methods For Stainless Steel Care and Maintenance


It’s relatively straightforward to clean stainless steel. For domestic and architectural equipment, this can usually be acheived through a mild detergent or soap and water, finished off with a quick rinse of water and drying of the product. For more industrial environments, maintenance would potentially be achieved through specialist equipment that would be offered by cleaning services.


Preventive Measures


Contact with acids will be the main concern when dealing with cleaning solutions for stainless steel, therefore, this should be handled with glasses and gloves. Be sure to use acid-resistant containers and any residue that’s formed should be flushed through a trusted waste stream.

Solvents shouldn’t be used in closed environments and smoking should not be permitted in the area.


These are essential stainless steel care and maintenance tips that can help with making sure the quality is preserved. For more information on our services or any other questions that you have, feel free to contact us here.


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