22 Jun 2018

How Can A Ventilation System Benefit Your Business?

Boosting Your Business: Benefits of Ventilation Systems

Health and safety has become increasingly paramount for any business over the last 10 years, with new laws coming into place regularly to ensure the well-being of the staff and workplace. We are constantly being made aware of new dangers that can affect our business, but beyond the necessities, is there more you could be doing to make your workplace a safer place? There are many precautions and recommendations that can improve the health and safety of your premises, one of those being to install a ventilation system, which can greatly benefit your business in a variety of ways.

Better Air Quality

If your business is based in an area where pollution is rife, you may want to consider installing a ventilation system to improve the air quality. This is particularly relevant for businesses based in a city centre. Pollution levels have become so harmful in recent years, many are linked with early deaths. In fact, toxic air levels have been illegal in the UK since 2010. To combat the knock-on effect this could have on your business, it makes sense to look into ways you can improve air quality, particularly if you are operating from a warehouse or a factory. The same can be said for noise pollution levels, which can have a negative effect on your employees as well as the environment.

The Impact A Ventilation System Can Have

Improving air quality can positively impact your employees’ health, meaning they take less sickness absences. Poor air quality can have a detrimental effect on those living and working within a city, so any steps you can take to improve this would greatly benefit your workforce. This, in turn, means that productivity should increase with fewer employees being ill.
Your employees should feel more motivated, less sluggish and produce better quality work. When employee motivation is at an all-time high, it can directly correlate to productivity. This can encourage collaboration, new ideas and contribute to overall happiness within the workplace.

Is A Ventilation System Right For My Business?

As previously mentioned, a ventilation system can be greatly beneficial to your business in terms of air pollution, but did you know that they can encourage your business to be more energy efficient? Ventilation systems do not disrupt the temperate of a room through the changing seasons, being that they are focused solely on providing cleaner air, so there’s no need to worry about an increase in your bills. A ventilation system is mostly recommended for industrial businesses or those businesses that are located in the city centre, however, most companies can benefit from them.

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