15 Apr 2017

What is Odour Extraction Ductwork?

In the UK every household produces millions of tonnes of waste every year. Recycling and waste management companies provide a solution to efficiently dispose of and re-use the rubbish and waste that is generated. Odour management represents a major commitment and attention for site operators in the Recycling and Waste Management sectors and both the people who work in immediate proximities to the odour sources and those in the surrounding areas need to be taken into consideration.

Some individuals may be more tolerant to the odours produced at high intensities, whereas others will be extremely sensitive. Even if there are only a small number of individuals who are affected by this, the severity of the exposure requires odour control measures to be put in place.

What is Odour Extraction Ventilation?

Odour extraction ventilation is unique to every single building or sector. In Recycling and Waste Management sites stainless steel ductwork is put in place, along with fans and filters to successfully extract the odours created within the building. Working simultaneously with odour extraction ventilation, dust and fume extraction systems and acoustic solutions are also installed to reduce the noise made, harmful airborne substances created and to also reduce the humidity. These three types of extraction and ventilation solutions are essential in the construction and maintenance of waste to energy and also waste recycling elements.

Why you need odour extraction ventilation:

 In the recent years, governments and local councils have become increasingly less tolerant on waste disposal and recycling malpractice. Government legislation and local council penalties have been enforced to encourage people and businesses to recycle and correctly dispose of their waste. This has led to thousands of tonnes of waste being deposited into the recycling and waste management facilities every day.

By 2020 the EU is looking to maximise all recycling from household, industrial and animal waste to 50%, which will call maximized efforts and odour control measures being put into place. Odour, noise, dust and humidity can become huge issues within these industries, which is why it is so important for the correct ventilation and stainless steel ducting to be installed.

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