1 Apr 2019

What Are The Consequences Of Noise Pollution On A Workplace?

Specific working areas in the workplace are where we spend the majority of the time. For this reason, it should be an area that has specific conditions in order for us to work to the best of our ability and generate the results needed to accomplish business goals.

Some businesses tend to develop noises that are not particularly associated with the working environment. Although in some cases the noises can’t be helped, if workers find themselves in a consistent whirlwind of noise, the consequences of noise pollution in the workplace can be detrimental to the wider business.

Here are some consequences of noise pollution in the workplace.

Lack Of Concentration

The lack of concentration that a worker has is probably one of the most common consequences of noise pollution. There will be periods during the day where workers are required to endure a high level of concentration in order to complete the task they’ve been set. If the workers are witnessing consistent distractions and noise consistently, it will be extremely difficult for them to complete the task at hand. This is because they’ll concentrate more on trying to drown out the noise rather than actually complete the task in hand.

Signs Of Irritation and Stress

When you accumulate all the possible distractions that can form from a working environment, it’ll be no surprise that the eventual build-up leads to a reaction showing signs of stress, irritation and being seriously fed up. If possible, noises that can be helped should be kept to a minimum to prevent such reactions occurring. 

Feeling Of Non-Privacy

Workers should be accommodated with spaces that provide privacy for employees. This is so confidential and personal conversations can be had without the annoyance of it being overheard. It’s estimated that around 50% employees feel annoyed due to issues with privacy in the workplace when it comes to having private conversations to do with work or their personal lives.

Hostile Environment Causes

Noise pollution can be extremely irritating on employees and workers. This can cause stress when it’s combined with the workload that workers have, creating a hostile environment for other employees. As a result, the consequences of noise pollution are performance can be easily effected and productivity decreases. This is why having private spaces where individuals can get away from the atmosphere’s they don’t feel too comfortable in enables productivity to remain high.

Solutions To Avoid The Consequences Of Noise Pollution

These problems can be easily eradicated when acoustic solutions are put in place. Whether it’s working in a small office or a large factory, acoustic solutions such as attenuators or noise cancelling headphones ensures that your workforce doesn’t become annoyed and frustrated with their working environment.

Here at Airmatic, we offer several acoustic solutions to do with noise pollution. If you require our services, visit our acoustics page here or contact us for more details.

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